Introducing the Prismata Fair Play Policy

Hi everyone!

Edit: The Fair Play Policy has been updated as a result of community feedback; please have another look!

Prismata is quickly approaching its public Steam Beta, and we’ll soon be expecting a large amount of growth in the size of our community. Accordingly, we feel that it’s time to introduce some official policies and procedures to help manage our community and maintain the integrity of our competitive ladder and events. These policies revise and supplement our previous sportsmanship guidelines.


Holiday Puzzles

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of action on the blog lately; a detailed post on Prismata Event Matchmaking and Scoring is coming! For now, I’m taking a bit of time off for the holidays.

As a holiday gift to everyone, I’ve created a free pack of holiday-themed handmade logical tiling puzzles.


Fall Prismata Q&A, part 2


Lots of folks liked the Q&A from a few weeks back. I had meant to post a second part, but got a little sidelined. Here it is!


Q: What have you been up to since the last Q&A?

A bunch of stuff:

  • De-uglifying and polishing a lot of the in-game assets, animations, menu screens, and so on.
  • Switching our server runtime environment from cpython to pypy for additional speed.
  • Improving our build/deploy system.
  • Finishing up the single player menu screens and the flow for clearing missions and unlocking new content.
  • Completing our single-player cinematic cutscene system.
  • Rebalancing units like Vivid Drone and Deadeye Operative.
  • Sound!


September Prismata Update and Q&A, Part 1

Hi all,

One quick announcement, plus some random Q&A!


Price Changes

You may have noticed that we’ve modified several prices in Prismata:

  • Flips in the Black Lab now cost 349 Shards instead of 399 Shards.
  • The bar in the Armory now requires 1050 energy to fill up instead of 1200.
  • 10 infusions now costs 299 Shards instead of 399 Shards.
  • Most skin and emote direct-buy prices have been lowered.



Economic Win Conditions in Prismata?

Hi everyone!

Before I get to the main article, I wanted to mention a few experimental things we’re trying out on the alpha server right now:

  • Bots that resign when they think they’re losing.
  • Bots that use emotes.
  • Coloured usernames in the chat boxes.

These are not final, but we’re trying them out for now to see what people think. Let us know if you love or hate them, or would like to see changes!

On with the main topic, which relates to TODAY’S EVENT…


Economic Victory?


A Message from Will Ma

Prismata co-founder Will Ma has provided us this week’s update, but he’s posted it on the Prismata subreddit instead of the blog. You can check it out here, alongside some comments from me and many other Prismata community members.

As well, if you’re feeling that things have been a bit too quiet lately, rest assured that we have TWO exciting new Prismata patches/updates coming very soon:

  • A game patch that will provide a few small balance tweaks, complete reworkings of some units (Deadeye Operative and Corpus), and a few new units.
  • A content patch that will add animated skins, some new in-game graphics, and more collectibles.

We’re also making a lot of progress on our “new user experience” (NUE) project, which includes a level-up system, tutorial content, and rewards for new players. I’ve posted some comments on the subject here, and we’ll be revealing more in future blog updates, so check back next week and later this month!


Just wanted to post a quick update on a few things.

It’s been a hectic week as we’ve been dealing with a number of bug reports and other minor issues lately. We’ve received a lot of questions, so I’m just gonna dump a few quick answers here…