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Annotated Prismata Openings by Will Ma

Hi all!

Sorry that the blog’s been a bit quiet lately; I’ve been out of town, spending most of my time locked in an underground bunker working exclusively on Prismata single-player content—both the campaign (a massive project that I’m hugely excited about) and an upcoming puzzle pack (that we’ll be announcing soon!)

In the mean time, Prismata creator and Lunarch Studios co-founder Will Ma has provided some really interesting opening analyses from some of his recent ladder games. The games are quite fascinating and focus on using an early Animus to pressure the opponent into committing to a specific line of play that can later be exploited through a tech transition.

Check out the full discussion on the Prismata subreddit. Summary below:


Economic Win Conditions in Prismata?

Hi everyone!

Before I get to the main article, I wanted to mention a few experimental things we’re trying out on the alpha server right now:

  • Bots that resign when they think they’re losing.
  • Bots that use emotes.
  • Coloured usernames in the chat boxes.

These are not final, but we’re trying them out for now to see what people think. Let us know if you love or hate them, or would like to see changes!

On with the main topic, which relates to TODAY’S EVENT…


Economic Victory?


April Fools 2016

So, you might have noticed that things were a little “off” last Friday…

For one thing, there were some extra special default base set skins:

In fact, we have a proud tradition of having a little experimental fun with Prismata on April 1st. We deployed a pack of totally radical units last April 1st, and some of them actually made it into the game (looking at you, Resophore). April 1st is often a great time to test out highly experimental features that likely shouldn’t be in Prismata, but might be fun to try out. This year was no exception, and we actually did a number of things, including the following: