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A Winner is Us! Plus Cowboy and Super Robot Skins 1

Hey, everyone!

A few things today:

  1. Our glorious Curse Award trophy.
  2. Announcement and previews of some new skins sets.
  3. An update on the new user interface and arena mode.


A Winner is You!

This just arrived in the mail from Curse (they’re the folks who partnered with us to help build the Prismata wiki). We took home one of their coveted awards at PAX East, and it now decorates our office next to this awesome piece of Prismata art:


If you read this blog very closely, you may recognize the stool that the award is sitting on…



A Sneak Peak at the New Prismata User Interface

One of the biggest things we’re continually working on in Prismata is the look of the game. We’re very aware of the fact that that Prismata’s current menus make the game look like it’s from 1998. The mediocre user interface (UI) was meant to be a placeholder until we got our fancy new graphics added. And ladies and gents, a major update is coming! Our devs have been hard at work creating a new UI, and it’s almost ready to be launched. The purpose of today’s post is to share a sneak preview of what it’ll look like when it goes live.

Sit back, and prepare to be amazed! (Or at the very least, maybe slightly impressed). Note that, as usual, everything you see here is a work in progress, and further changes are likely.

Let’s start off with the login page:


Exhibit A: the login panel. New, improved, and sleek. It’s everything we’re looking for in a login, and we couldn’t be happier with it.


Help Prismata get to E3! Plus Updates, Balance Changes, and Survey Results.

Hey, everyone! Lots to talk about this week! Here we go!


Help Prismata get to E3!

E3—The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo—is the biggest video game industry conference in the world, and it provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet the press and network with all kinds of platform-holders and other industry folks. Small indie games like Prismata are seldom present, but a group of folks called Indies Crash E3 has raised some funds to host an indie booth at E3.

However, there’s a catch. They can’t send everybody, so they’re having a contest to determine which indie games will get to go to E3. And it’s not a simple voting contest—the contest itself is a browser GAME called indieclicker, which is a bit like “Cookie Clicker” or other simple clicker games. Everyone who plays earns points for Prismata to help us rank up on the leaderboard.


Indieclicker. You can play it to earn points to unlock a spot at E3 for Prismata!


Indieclicker is actually kind of addictive.


New Prismata Skin Sets! 2

Greetings, everyone!

With all the excitement surrounding our upcoming Arena Mode, we thought that it would be a great time to unveil some of the new skins that players will be able to unlock as rewards for completing sets of matches in The Arena. You’ve already seen some skins from our Pirate Set, our Natural Set, and our Military Set, but today we’re unveiling two brand new skin sets that will be available as soon as The Arena is released.

Let’s take a look!