Prismata Beta Pre-Season Tourney Announcement

It’s time for us to start thinking about tourneys! As a lead-up to next year’s Prismata Beta Grand Prix and World Championship, we’ll be running a series of 1-day just-for-fun tournaments that we’re calling the Prismata Beta Pre-Season.

These Pre-Season tournaments will run every couple of weeks before the Prismata Beta Grand Prix launches next year. The exact rules will vary from tourney to tourney, but our goal is to create an enjoyable competitive experience for Prismata players of all skill levels. There will be prizes just for participating!

The first Prismata Beta Pre-Season Tournament runs this Sunday. Details and sign-up below!


Prismata Beta Pre-Season Tourney 1

  • Time: Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST
  • Format: Swiss, with best-of-2 matches. All games are 45s, Base+8.
  • Tournament info:
  • Sign up: here
  • You must check in on Challonge. Check-in is available 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.


Full Rules and Prize Info (copied from Challonge):

Prismata Beta PRE-SEASON TOURNEY 1 rules:

  • Pairings are Swiss-style, so players will be matched against opponents with similar tournament records.
  • Each match-up is a BEST-OF-2 where both games are played no matter what. A 1-1 record is scored as a tie.
  • All games are Base+8, 45 seconds, with default settings (no handicaps, no unit picks/bans, no analysis mode, etc.)
  • Drawn games are worth 0.5 points each (so going 1.5-0.5 in a best-of-2 counts as a win, and two draws yield a 1-1 record).
  • No-show = loss after 5 minutes at tournament director’s discretion.


Sign-up info:

  • Please sign up on Challonge using your Prismata Username.
  • You MUST CHECK IN!! We require this to eliminate no-shows. If you don’t check in, you won’t be added to the tournament.
  • Check-in is available 30 minutes before the tournament start time. Don’t forget!


Prize info:

  • Winner: 2000 shards and a Prismata badge.
  • All other participants: there will be a raffle for 5 other prizes.
  • Raffle prizes: [800 Shards, 60 Infusions, 30 Power Cores, 8 Omnipower Cores, 10 Platinum Tickets].
  • You must complete all your games to be eligible for raffle prizes.


Official Tourney Stream:


Tournament director: Elyot Grant

If you encounter any problems, Talk to Elyot on twitch or within Prismata. All tournament-related announcements will be delivered within Prismata itself.


About Elyot Grant

A former gold medalist in national competitions in both mathematics and computer science, Elyot has long refused to enjoy anything except video games. Elyot took more pride in winning the Reddit Starcraft Tournament than he did in earning the Computing Research Association's most prestigious research award in North America. Decried for wasting his talents, Elyot founded Lunarch Studios to pursue his true passion.