Mac/Steam update

Hi everyone!

Just want to give a quick update on how things are going with our Mac/Steam testing. Thanks to everyone for trying out the builds and sending us their feedback!

We had a lot of players use the Steam version and it seems to be working great:

  • No major issues have been encountered so far.
  • Note: friends will not see you as “playing Prismata” because the game is still in “Beta” mode on Steam. That’s expected.

We received a lot of bug reports concerning the Mac build. We’ve fixed a few issues, including the following:

  • We fixed an issue where some players using the Mac build couldn’t connect to the server (unfortunately, you must reinstall Prismata if you’re having this problem.)
  • We fixed an issue where the Steam Mac build was crashing as soon as it was run (apparently a known issue with the upload-to-Steam utilities we’re using that resulted in mangled shortcuts for some Mac users).
  • We’ve looked into the ongoing video memory glitches that seem to be affecting a large number of Mac users. It turns out that this problem is due to a serious bug in Adobe AIR that only affects Mac users and only appeared in the latest version of Adobe AIR (version 23). The bug has been fixed in Adobe AIR version 24, which has not been released yet (it’s currently in Beta). Accordingly, we have a few possible workarounds for non-Steam Mac users:
    • Workaround 1: Download and install the Beta version of Adobe AIR 24 here, and then rerun Prismata.
    • Workaround 2: We tried building a “Captive Runtime Mac App” version of Prismata that includes all the necessary Adobe AIR files from version 24. You can get it here. Your computer will likely complain that the app is from an unidentified developer (we put together this fix in the last 24 hours so we haven’t been able to get a certificate yet!); you can follow these instructions to run it anyway. Note: we won’t be supporting this version of Prismata once AIR 24 is released; it’s just a temporary workaround.
    • Workaround 3: The Steam version includes all the AIR 24 files as well, so if you have a Steam key, you can run the Mac desktop version of Prismata downloaded from Steam and it shouldn’t have any video issues.
    • Workaround 4: AIR 24 will probably get a full (non-Beta) release soon, so you can just keep using until then, and the problem should hopefully vanish when Adobe AIR automatically updates.

Again, we thank everyone for their help in testing these builds and reporting bugs.

Our next step will be switching on the achievements. We hope to have them up in the next day or so!

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