Daily Archives: August 7, 2015

Our third new unit… Galvani Drone!

The third and final new unit that we’ll be launching tomorrow is an odd little thing that we like to call the Galvani Drone:

Supply: 10

Supply: 10

This unit is one of Will’s discoveries, and it’s insane. I could talk about it for hours. It’s incredibly powerful, but also incredibly skill-testing to use optimally (and to play optimally against). Will once told me that he thought it might have the highest skill ceiling of any unit in Prismata, and I’m not sure I disagree.

We had no idea what Galvani Drone’s supply limit should be. All of {4,10,20} seemed reasonable. We’re going with 10 for now, but I’m expecting that this unit has *a lot* of untapped potential (even though we’ve been playtesting with it for over a year!)

I look forward to all the interesting strategies and tactics that the Prismata community will discover with this new unit!


And one more thing…

We announced earlier this week that Drake would be getting a redesign from a 17BBB 3-attack unit to a 12BBB 2-attack unit. We neglected to also mention another change: we’ll also be reducing its HP from 5 to 4 in accordance with the unit becoming generally smaller.