Quick update: balance survey results are out!

Hi everyone. Just wanted to post a couple of quick updates.


1) Our “Prismata Unit Balance Survey” results have been published.

Some fun facts about the results:


2) New buffs, nerfs, and other changes have been announced.

Many of these changes were made in response to the survey results. Most of you loved our experimental changes with Doomed Drone and Vivid Drone, so we’ll be keeping both of them as-is.


3) The blog’s appearance has been updated!

You may have noticed that things look a bit different around here. Thanks to Megan for her efforts to de-uglify our blog. More changes to our blog and other websites coming soon.


That’s all for now!

Next Tuesday’s article will feature a video preview of all kinds of awesome new features coming to Prismata. See you then.

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