Final Prismata Reward Reset before Beta

Hi all,

An important announcement: we’ll be doing our final Reward Reset before Beta later this week. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The Prismata server will shut down at approximately 4pm ET tomorrow (Thursday, January 26) for 30-60 minutes.
  • Players will lose all skins/emotes/infusions they have collected so far (but will keep those unlocked as real-money purchases, prizes, or using Kickstarter/Paypal reward codes).
  • Players’ current Armory and Black Lab status will be wiped.
  • Players will receive a rebate of Power Cores, Omnipower Cores, Black Cards, Infusions, and Shards commensurate with how many have been earned so far.

This reset will be similar to the previous one.

Why reset the rewards?

During our alpha period, we’ve made a number of changes to the Armory and Black Lab minigames that unlock Prismata’s collectibles, as well as the price and rarity of the collectibles themselves. These changes have left many Prismata players who redeemed in-game rewards earlier in the alpha at a disadvantage (e.g. if they purchased a skin before its price was reduced).

We didn’t want players to hold out on spending their shards/infusions/power cores during the alpha period in fear of being at a disadvantage after price changes or minigame change, so we promised that we would do a full reset of all rewards before the end of alpha. As we’re nearing the end of alpha, that time is now!


Will there be any further resets?

No. This is the final reset. All collections will be permanent after this reset.


Won’t it be annoying to open all those power cores all over again?

A number of players voiced this concern to us, so we’ve temporarily implemented a command called /exchange to quicken the process. In any Prismata chat, you can type /exchange N to exchange N Power Cores for more valuable rewards at a rate of 40 Power Cores for 3 Omnipower Cores, 3 Black Cards, and 10 Infusions.

The 40 to [3,3,10] ratio is intended to be perfectly balanced, so you shouldn’t worry about losing value by using /exchange (or by not using it). In terms of the net shard-equivalent value of the rewards, /exchange is balanced to within one half of one percent (0.005). However, your individual distribution of rewards will vary if exchange is used (you’ll likely end up with substantially fewer low-level rewards and emotes, but more high-level rewards). The choice is up to you.

In addition to /exchange, we’ve also implemented a “play again” button in the Armory to make it faster to use multiple Power Cores in a single session.


So are we at the Beta milestone yet?

We’re very close! We’re essentially just polishing, QAing, and deploying the last few projects for it. The reward reset is one of the last checkboxes we’re ticking off, and in the next week or so, you’ll also see an AI update, Casual Match, a big bugfix patch, and a major asset update. We’re very hyped for the beta milestone and upcoming Steam early access release, and we hope you are too!

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