Small news update…

So this week’s blog content is all about the PAWC finals, which are running this weekend. But I also wanted to leave a quick note on a few other things we’ve been up to:


If you haven’t noticed, that “Events” tab in Prismata is now clickable, and we’ve been running some small little impromptu test events. For the time being, our plan is to run an experimental/casual event every Friday evening from around 4:00pm EST until about 2:00am EST or so, with an “encore” event the following Tuesday. We’ll be trying different formats every week, and introducing new features as we go along.

This is mostly going to be a low-effort project from us for the time being as we have a lot on our plate at the moment and want to get more feedback before proceeding too far with the development on events. We’re not really sure what the true “endgame” of events is yet; this is something experimental for us. We may add leaderboards and introduce much shorter events that function as mini-warzone tournaments with prizes, or we may focus more on longer “just-for-fun” events with wacky formats. Have a look at Path of Exile’s event schedule if you want to take a look at something that we find inspirational.

If you have any feedback on what you’d like to see in events, or what kind of experience you’d like to get out of them, please let us know!

One change for this week: daily bonuses have been enabled for event games!


Backer rewards, and the in-game store

You may also have noticed that Prismata’s in-game store has been enabled, and that the reward tiers on have changed (we have removed the higher Kickstarter reward tiers, but if you’re still interested in them, we’ll continue offering them for the time being; just email

Additionally, golden portrait frames are now available on Humble for those who have supported us at the Grand Luminary tier (or higher).

We also deployed some changes to the Armory last week. After the deployment, we received an enormous amount of really useful feedback, and we’re already planning a number of updates based on all the feedback we’ve received. A full announcement will follow next week, but our plans include the following:

  • Simplification and renaming of arena mode.
  • Balance updates to the Armory
  • Revamping the Black Lab to always guarantee a reward, and guarantee additional rewards for each flip.

We’re also going to be giving some free Black Cards to current alpha players in proportion to how many Power Cores they used before the Black Lab was introduced. That giveaway was originally scheduled for this week, but as a result of our planned modifications to the Black Lab, we’ll be delaying that giveaway until after the update is live.

Many folks have been asking us if there will be another reset of rewards in Prismata, and the answer is YES. We will reset all the cosmetic rewards again, likely toward the end of the alpha when we’re done tweaking with the collectiables. Before that, you can expect a few more rounds of changes.


If you have any more feedback on events, rewards, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to let us know!



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